Wedding Flowers

A wedding would just not be the same without flowers. You can arrange your own wedding flowers with my instructions and a knack for crafts. What a wonderful time in your life – full of promise, hope, and happiness. Can you think of a better way to express these emotions than through flowers?

The Tradition of Wedding Flowers

Flowers as wedding decorations and bridal bouquets are not a new concept; it actually dates back to ancient times. Strong smelling herbs and spices were used to keep the evil spirits away during the wedding celebration. Later, during the Roman era, flowers were used to symbolize fertility. Eventually, flowers were given different meanings and used as a way of sending “love notes” in the form of bouquets. Soon, the tradition of the meaning of each flower trickled down and was adopted for the bride’s bouquet.

By tradition, the groom wears a flower that appears in the bridal bouquet in his buttonhole. The custom of the boutonniere originates from the medieval tradition of a knight wearing his lady’s colors as a declaration of love. So it seems that wedding flowers have been a tradition for as long as there have been weddings and flowers!

So Many Choices

Select a florist that listens to you and really grasps the look and feel that you want in your wedding flowers. Be open to the florist’s ideas and suggestions. In the long run, it will be the value of their experience, talent, and expertise that you have purchased.

Have you ever considered how many different kinds of flowers there are? Hundreds of beautiful blooms are available to create the romantic elegance your wedding deserves. One way to choose is to consider the different meanings of the flowers. Create a bridal bouquet that is not only beautiful to the eye, but also meaningful to the heart. Based on tradition, here are some of the more popular bridal bouquet flowers and what they mean:

* Red Rose – Love

* White Rose – Unity

* Yellow Rose – Joy

* Orange Rose – Passion

* Pink Rose – Secret Love, or Grace & Sweetness

* Alstroemeria – Devotion

* Baby’s Breath – Innocence

* Calla Lily – Magnificent Beauty

* Carnation – Devoted Love

* Daisy – Innocence & Romance

* Ivy – Fidelity, Marriage

* Lily Of The Valley – Happiness

* Myrtle – Joy

* Orchid – Love & Beauty

* Stephanotis – Marital Happiness

* Tulips – Love & Passion

* Zinnia – Affection

Bridal and wedding magazines have beautiful pictures of bridal bouquets and flowers. Portray your taste to your florist by collecting pictures of floral arrangements and decorations with the style and design you desire. You may want a particular flower you’ve seen in a picture but don’t know the name of the flower. That picture could truly be worth a thousand words!

Don’t Forget the Flowers for…

In addition to flowers for the wedding party and family members, you will need flowers to decorate the church and reception hall, arrangements for the reception tables, head table, and guest book table. You may even want flowers for the cake and a small bouquet for the ladies’ room.