Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are one of my favorite aspects of wedding planning. The decorations in the church and the reception hall and the beautiful flowers become a feast for the eyes. Once you have chosen your wedding theme and your wedding colors, the options are endless. There are many themes to choose from. You can even create your own one of a kind theme.

Every season offers an abundance of decoration and theme choices. Spring and fall wedding flowers have tremendous amounts of beautiful blossoms that can create a theme within themselves. Then summer at the beach or an outdoor botanical garden are just two of many choices. The winter holidays in red, either Christmas or Valentine’s Day are popular, also.

An idea to transform any room into a regal palace is to use ceiling canopies. They soften the atmosphere and the lighting of a room. This can be done for the most formal to the most casual wedding reception. There may be a wedding rental company near you that will rent them, but here are some ideas to do it yourself.
Make your own wedding ceiling canopy!

There is a theme for every couple. Just think about your favorite colors and what is near and dear to your hearts and your choice will appear!

Maybe you want a very casual wedding with hunter’s camouflage as you theme. If your fiance is a hunter, he will likely already have a lot of what you need for decorations! You can find many wedding items in camo such as vests for tuxedos, ring pillows and guest books.

Another fun casual theme is country western or cowboy western. Choose an open field or a barn with western decor such as horse saddles and bridals, etc. Set hay bales around for seating and everyone can wear their western attire. Have a BBQ reception right there in the barn!

Vintage weddings are another great theme. Choose a time from the Victorian age, the roaring 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on. Shop vintage clothing stores for your wedding dress and fiance’s suit or tux. This can be a fun wedding theme, and wedding decorations can be fitting with the times.